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Unparalleled Legal Representation



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Extremely professional, precise, and detail-oriented. Everything you need from legal counsel, and nothing you fear. Save yourself time, and stress. You should look no further!

ST, Client

Be the Champion of Your Own Story!

It may not be okay right now, but it will be. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know is going through a challenging time. 

I believe that our most challenging and trying times are there to teach us valuable lessons that we must learn. The manner and way in which we choose to meet those challenges, ultimately determines who we become and what type of life we live. 


If we choose wisely, with thought, heart, and consideration, then those challenges turn into empowering stepping stones that lead us to the future we truly want. 


In other words, life happens for you, not to you. And although it may not seem like it right now, everything will be okay. You will be okay. And you will come out on the other side better for it. 


This too shall pass. Let us help you weather the storm. You got this!

How We Can Help

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Empowering and Protecting Clients Through...

Strength and Inspiration

The best lawyers are not only strong and courageous but are also able to pass that strength and courage on to their clients so that they can confront the unknown together. 


Strength and the courage to confront the unknown start in the mind.  ​ 


Move forward with an empowered mindset and confidently confront this moment and every moment after that with strength and courage. 


Let’s confront this unknown together so that you can move your life forward with confidence and strength

For the first time ever, I felt like I was honestly being heard, in regard to my legal matter. I look forward [to] working with Zankov Law throughout this process on resolving this Goliath in our lives. This is the first of many thank yous to come! So, thank you for everything. 

DD, Client

Safety and Protection

Great legal representation begins with ensuring that your clients and their rights are safe and protected. 

Feelings of safety and protection develop with trust. 


When you deliver legal services with competence, strength, compassion, and honesty, your clients trust you and thereby feel safe and protected.


Put your trust in Zankov Law, and empower yourself with strong, competent, and honest legal representation, and know that you are safe and protected.

I felt well-represented, respected, and informed! Attorney Zankov listened to all my concerns and was very diligent! Out of all the Lawyers I went to, he was the only one who was honest and upfront. He was amazing in the courtroom and was able to get great court results!

AJ, Client


Truth and Innovation

Truth only comes to those who are relentless in its pursuit. 


Being open-minded and creative empowers you to confront that truth with proactive, innovative solutions to whatever challenges that truth may hold. 


Empower yourself with relentless, innovative truth seekers and storytellers, as we leave no stone unturned and no opportunity unexplored in the pursuit of your truth and your justice. 

I would not have won my case without Walter! He definitely did wonders for my case. Thank you so much!

GN, Client

Compassion and Guidance

Divorce and Family Law issues can be traumatic or at the very least tremendously trying. Emotions and uncertainty are high. You may need someone to turn to, to talk to, to be your confidant and sympathetic witness. 


That’s why just doing the legal work isn’t enough. Lawyers also have to be there for their clients on an emotional and advisory level, as their compassionate guides.  


You don’t have to feel like you are alone or have to do this by yourself. 


Let us be your companions, compassionate guides, and sympathetic witnesses. We want to know your story, and we want to help.

I cannot say enough about Walter and how he handled my case. It was nothing like you expect when talking with an attorney; Walter was easy to relate to and almost like talking with a friend. I highly recommend you hire this firm and talk with Walter. Truly a professional experience and highly valuable.

DG, Client

Integrity and Character

Every lawyer worth his/her fee should possess integrity and good character. 


Do what they say they are going to do. Deliver what they say they will deliver. Charge what they say they are going to charge. Provide the services they promised to provide, in the way they promised to provide them. 


We keep the promises we make to our clients, by delivering honest, direct, legal representation, while at the same time working tirelessly on improving our clients’ experience. 


Empower yourself with honest, accountable, and direct legal counsel from Zankov Law and know that you are in capable and trustworthy hands

Walter handled every part of my case very professionally, he never dropped the ball or let me down. He did exactly everything he said he would do and on time. I highly recommend Zankov Law if you have a child legitimation, custody or support case in the family law court system. 

JV, Client


Walter handled my case and took it to completion. He was always available whenever I contacted him and he kept me informed of my case at all times. If you need a hard-working, dedicated lawyer who will go above and beyond for you, call Walter. 

BK, Client

I truly appreciate the time spent reviewing my case, going above and beyond what most attorneys will not do, helping me understand what I may
potentially face, the 
professionalism and the list goes on. 

DD, Client

This man went above and beyond for my son. If I ever need a lawyer again, I'll be calling him. 

BR, Client

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