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Walter Zankov is a great lawyer...He was the best person to represent me...and now I have the opportunity to continue my life without worrying.

AM, Client

Zankov Law

Empowering and Protecting Clients

Here at Zankov Law, we are working on building the best family law firm experience ever through exceptional legal representation and an empowering, reliable, pleasant, and compassionate client experience.


Aligned with that mission and guided by our
5 Practice Pillars, we empower, inspire, and protect our clients.  

Walter Zankov

Attorney and Founder

I am just a regular guy, with irregular persistence and determination.


When I was a child and during my young adult years, I faced many difficulties and challenges that, over time, eroded my confidence and spirit. 


Collectively, these experiences made me feel alone and powerless...At least that was the story I decided to tell myself as a kid.  


But I was lying to myself. 


As the years passed, I began to feel conflicted. Somewhere deep down inside I knew that I was meant for more, that I could be more, that I wanted to be more, and that I simply needed to figure out how. 


Driven by the desire to grow, to evolve, to improve my circumstances, and to move through the world with confidence and power, I set out on my journey, resolved to keep going no matter what was required of me or how long it took.


After years and years of relentless effort, confronting many challenges along the way, I can confidently say that the one thing that separates the weak from the strong, the successful from the unsuccessful, the happy from the unhappy, and so on, is: Your Mindset.  


Today, having completely deconstructed and rebuilt my mindset from scratch, I feel more empowered than ever, and I want to share that feeling with others by empowering and protecting them. 

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Walter handled my case with complete class and professionalism. He kept me informed about the case and always answered my questions in a timely manner. He entered my case towards the end nearing Trial, and it seemed as if he had been involved from the very beginning. He works hard for his clients and puts out quality work to add on top. Also, he has a strong appreciation and care for his clients. Prior to obtaining Mr. Zankov as my attorney, I spoke with many attorneys and there's no comparison. Thanks, Mr. Zankov. 

JS, Client

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