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Gwinnett Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Empowering and Protecting

Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner to fight for them, make them feel safe, and ensure they can move forward in life unburdened by the past. 

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 Everything you need from legal counsel, and nothing you fear. Save yourself time, and stress. You should look no further!

ST, Client


It may not be okay right now, but it will be. 

No matter what life throws at you, there is always a best "next move," a best path forward. 

We're here to help you figure out what your next best move is and guide you the whole way, so you can confidently move forward. 


What We Do


Motorcycle Accidents

Be represented by someone who rides. 

Motorcycle riders should be represented by individuals who understand their unique experience on the road.

As someone who rides, I not only understand that experience, I live it. This allows me to seamlessly and uniquely apply that knowledge to your motorcycle accident case, and understand exactly what happened and what arguments to make to the insurance company, and if needed, to the jury. 

I would not have won my case without Walter! 

GN, Client

Car Accidents

Get back on your feet. Get back on the road. Get back to your life. 

We drive our cars almost every day and for many reasons. To get groceries. To go to work. To take our kids to soccer practice. To go do something fun, etc. It's a necessity for us, a basic need. 


I don't think you should have to worry about paying for an accident that wasn't your fault when you were doing something we all need to do. This is why, I decided to focus my practice almost exclusively on car accidents (and motorcycle accidents ), to give this area of personal injury the focus and dedication it deserves. 

I felt well-represented, respected, and informed! 

AJ, Client


Criminal Defense

Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone deserves another chance. 

We all make mistakes. However, when you're charged with a crime, the police and the government don't care about that.  

Being charged with a crime and the potential consequences can be extremely scary and unsettling.

I believe that everyone makes mistakes (I know I've made enough in my life), and everyone deserves to have someone in their corner to fight for them and ensure that a single mistake does not ruin their life. 

I can now continue my life without worrying.

AM, Client

Specializing In

Misdemeanor Defense

Juvenile Defense

Non-Violent Felony Defense

 Guided By Values


For the first time ever, I felt like I was honestly being heard. 

DD, Client

[Walter] definitely did wonders for my case. Thank you so much!

GN, Client



Out of all the Lawyers I went to, he was the only one who was honest and upfront.

AJ, Client

Walter was easy to relate to and almost like talking with a friend. I highly recommend you hire this firm and talk with Walter. 

DG, Client



 He did exactly everything he said he would do and on time. 

JV, Client

We Go
Above and Beyond

 If you need a hard-working, dedicated lawyer who will go above and beyond for you, call Walter. 

BK, Client

I truly appreciate the time spent reviewing my case, going above and beyond what most attorneys will not do.

DD, Client

This man went above and beyond for my son. If I ever need a lawyer again, I'll be calling him. 

BR, Client

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